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Whoa! Another low customer rating on Urbanspoon that's undeserved! Ok, the decor isn't great and hasn't seen any change for decades, but it's not grungy by any stretch. The service is pleasant and efficient, which you don't see a lot in Chinese restaurants. The meal started with a duck hoisin wrap, which features some crispy skins and some soggy, but all delicious. The fish maw soup follows, which has nice flavours and lots of maw without being too fishy. The lobster in a sweet sauce with noodles was a bust for me, but I've never been a fan of the way the Chinese treat crustaceans. The way they chop it up, you end up with a lot of shell and no meat. People scooped up the claws quickly but I never saw any semblance of the considerably tail meat. I have no doubts that went somewhere else. With all the work it took to get a sliver of lobster meat, I prefer the noodles that come with this dish. The white-chopped chicken tastes a bit overcooked and after you take away the skin and bones, there isn't much left. I've always thought this to be a scam Chinese dish since there's really no meat. The baby bok choy tastes crisp and well done, and looks bright and green. I don't like bok choy very much because it's a bitter vegetable but it's also one of the greenest and prettiest to put on a plate. One of the highlights for me comes in the form of the fried rice. Although there isn't much vegetables or egg, it's topped with a generous amount of tobiko or the standard Japanese flying fish roe. What a fantastic addition as a fusion dish! The roe adds the missing protein, some salt, and a wonderful texture. Dessert comes in the form of a warm, sweet custard. This is one of the staple desserts that come with dinner, which tastes ok but people accustomed to Western desserts won't think much of it (regardless of who makes it).
Having eaten at the Trocadero next door I did notice there were 4 restaurants in a row and wanted to try at least 1 of them. Feeling like dim sum I looked up Phoenix Garden on Dinehere and saw the fine report left by jaceycori. Food was fresh, tasty, huge, and cheap. I've lost track of the dishes but there was at least 6 and the bill was under $20.00. Dim sum was served by cart which is way preferable over ticking a sheet. The girl on the cart was friendly and spoke English. My only concern was that she might have been a little too pushy. Restaurant was rather upscale with covers on all the chairs, quite a suprise actually. I will be coming back.
Whenever we come to this place for dim sum, it's always packed and I understand why. It's because the quality and portion of the food that you get is well worth what you pay for, which was super reasonable. I mean it's no Kirin or Sun Sui Wah, which of course has more variety and better quality, but those places can get pretty expensive if you order a lot of seafood items. Last time I went here on a weekend, the bill came up to $30ish for 3 people and we were stuffed. I hear it's 20% off during the week. The dim sum comes around in carts and everything I ordered was steaming hot, fresh, and tasty. I thought the har gow (shrimp dumplings) was excellent. The dumplings were full of actual shrimp and not mashed up shrimp, which some other places i've gone to serve. Other memorable dishes were the pan fried loh bak gow (radish cake) with XO sauce, stuffed eggplant, egg tarts, and baked tapioca pudding dessert. I came here for dinner once and had the 2-course peking duck and pork chops cooked in this orange marmalade kinda sauce. Both dishes were excellent and the portions were big. :D The ladies that push the dim sum carts and the servers were super nice, attentive, and spoke english. The restaurant itself looks pretty new and the clean. There's a few TVs that constantly show some sort of chinese show. In short, it's one of my favorite dim sum places because of the reasonable price and the quality.
The menus is varied and all dishes we have sampled have been of a high standard. Service is friendly & efficient. Booking is not always necessary as you are readily accommodated if you turn u on spec